Creators of the project spent a long time picking a personality for the main building of the apartment block. On the one hand, it had to be an absolute leader in life, on the other hand, a gourmand of life, connoisseur of art. Winston Churchill - a politician, an artist, and a writer possesses these qualities as no one else.


The fine details of the classic Jurmala seaside villas served as an inspiration for the architects. The air of the British Parliament columns’ rhythm and forms of the Chartwell House windows create an indescribable atmosphere of conviviality in the building. Forged parts on the facades in the style of Art Deco complement the natural wood and stone finishes, modern technologies in the construction, and modern arrangement of classics in the interior. Villa Churchill is an embodiment of a true British dignitary.

Double entry doors with the height of 2.4 meters open to reveal a spacious grand lobby invitingly furnished.


The three-storey building has five apartments from 170 m² with spacious balconies, terraces or private land plot. Residents of the building will be able to pass through the underground parking into the spa complex of Villa Hepburn.

The accommodation is characterized by double entry doors with height of 2.4 meters; panoramic windows offering a direct view on the pine trees and the sea; the ceiling height varies from 3.7 to 3.9 meters.


The interior at Villa Churchill is a modern interpretation of British style with its inherent conservatism and thoroughness. Respectable interior design of public spaces; a spacious grand lobby with a group of furniture for meeting guests, panoramic elevator, precious woods and marble finish, forged details, the highest quality materials.


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